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Higher U was founded by Brenda Wisniewski, Life & Executive Coach and Owner of Essential Hires, Inc. Brenda’s personal journey to find more meaning in her life started 16 years ago when her father passed away suddenly of a heart attack. This desire to understand life deepened further when her daughter was diagnosed at 2.5 years old with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

These experiences prompted her to take an honest look at her life and to make changes that were more in alignment with her heart’s desires. This included pursuing a career as a Life Coach and it also marked the beginning of a journey to learn everything she could about why we’re here, what life is all about and how to create a meaningful life that you love.

Brenda created Higher U as a place where you can go to discover your higher self. A place where you can find peace, love, and light as you learn everything about how to live a happy, fulfilling life, allowing your highest self and innermost desires to be fully expressed.

In partnership with an amazing team of Coaches and Healers, it is our mission to help you take your life to the next level. To help you move up the ladder to the next step in your life until you are fully aligned with your values and heart’s desires. Until you are fully released from all that is holding you back and until you are fully expressing your highest self.

Our team of Coaches and Healers have been down this path of self-realization and learned through these teachings and tools as well. We want to share with you that it is possible to love your life and live the life of your dreams.

​We want you to know, you are not alone. Whatever it is you’re going through, we are here for you. We’ve all been through our own personal ups and downs and had different experiences, but we know you can have it all, we know all your dreams are possible. Let us help you realize them.
Brenda is Owner & Founder of Higher U, a boutique life coaching company. Brenda founded Higher U with the vision of providing a place for anyone looking to reach their full potential.  

Higher U addresses the ever changing needs of individuals as life happens and causes us humans to be vulnerable wanting support. Higher U provides life coaching services that will catapult individuals to the next level. 

Brenda has nearly 20 years of experience with a combination of coaching and contingency search. This experience has contributed to the coaching of thousands of individuals in career and life transition at all levels; entry-level, mid-level, management and executive.  She works with numerous individuals, addressing the challenges they face managing life and career changes. She helps people build a solid foundation in their personal life from which they can grow and achieve their goals.

Brenda empowers individuals to achieve desired results with less effort.  She is highly skilled at helping her coaching clients to identify obstacles, shift their perspective, take action and gain the momentum necessary to make lasting change.  Her coaching is designed to take the struggle out of attracting what you want.  Her coaching delivers:

"can do” shifts in attitudes & beliefs, personal empowerment & fulfillment, clarity & action and momentum & effortless success.

​Brenda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island, is an advanced certification candidate with Coach University and is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation.

Brenda Wisniewski

With over 20 years helping others reach their highest potential, Rita Desnoyers-Garcia is a highly sought after spiritual teacher and life coach, author and speaker. After several years working with resettling refugees, and counseling volunteers who did the same, she received her Masters in Science in Social Work at Columbia University. After 10 years of working with municipal workers, the homeless, 

and mothers of children with special needs, she started her own family, and then fell into her own crisis.

That crisis led her to work with a coach who supported her in transforming her whole life. After working with her coach, finding additional teachers, and mentors and doing her own research she started her own business called ​Becoming Awake working with women and men who are struggling to connect with who they really are, find their passion, increase their abundance, and create a life they truly desire through letting go of limiting beliefs and stories. About a year into Becoming Awake​ Rita became more intensely interested in channeling work and began channeling a group of entities named Alexa and the ability to support healing through energetic reading.

Rita offers private coaching, workshops, and classes. Her current classes focus on the Law of Attraction and Releasing What No Longer Serves You. She also channels for groups both in person and via teleconference. Rita also has a book and on-line course called ​Extraordinary Abundance: Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Uncover the Richness of Your Life and guided meditation CD ​Forest Meditations.

Rita Desnoyers-Garcia